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His passion and drama is shown in his photos and the editing brings the atmosphere down to a real place that we may be feeling inside sometimes. I’ve worked alongside and with him and enjoyed assisting and having a connection on Mental Health and in this side of Photography! 


Josh Grahame

I’ve worked with Tom for quite some time now as his model, working primarily on his Art photography and 

I can honestly say that every new project is a wonder that Ive enjoyed being apart of. 

They’re passionate and highly infused with creativity - almost like stepping into a dreamworld. It’s visually satisfying and makes my creativity spark!  I’ve also  used Tom’s professional photographer services to help me get content for both my professional and social life, he’s really easy-going and straight forward with what he wants, who also offers to retouch the photos to a high standard. Highly Recommend!

Ollie Wilshaw

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to suffer from the flames we burn copy.j

Tom is extremely easy to work with. He is encouraging of creative choices but unafraid to give direction when an opportunity arises to elevate the shoot to a new level.


Amber Payne

Working with Tom was a pleasure, his artist view on what he wants to capture/create is  fantastic and I was so pleased to be able to assist in creating his final image.  Tom was great to work with and very professional showing his flair and passion for his work. I'm excited to see what he comes up with next and I look forward to working with him again in the future.


Will Allen 

A Blind Search for Freedom
Rae 3 LR.jpg

"As a consumer I love the creativity that goes into these photographs, and as a model I've never felt more comfortable! Always a pleasure to work with, highly recommend."

Rachel Lewis

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